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Insider Threat Vulnerabilty Assessment


Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment

The Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) method used by Naked Insider evaluates an organisation’s preparedness to prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats.

The ITVA aims to assist organisations in reducing exposure to damage to their critical assets, infrastructure, technology and information from potential insider threats.

The Insider Threat division of CERT developed the ITVA. Naked Insider (CommsNet Group) is a select small group of companies globally licensed to provide official Software Engineering Institute services in Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessments.

Scope of ITVA

Types of activity covered include insider IT Sabotage, Theft of Information and Fraud.

The ITVA is limited to organisation defined critical services. It focuses on people, technology, information, business processes and facilities that support those services.


The following diagram illustrates the methodology that Naked Insider uses for ITVA


As a direct outcome of completing the ITVA, your organisation will be taking the necessary and vital step in safeguarding your critical assets, gaining a better understanding and visibility of your vulnerabilities to insider threats

What’s Not Included

  • The ITVA is not an audit or compliance assessment
  • Only looking for malicious (intentional) activities

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