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100% of Threat Assessments finds some form of undetected, unaddressed security threat. If we are not able to identify such security threat, not only do we NOT charge you for this service, but we will pay $1,000 to your nominated charity.

What is a User Threat Assessment?

Majority of organisations have no idea that their insiders are exposing their business to possibly risk.

A User Threat Assessment will provide you with the visibility and analytics allowing you to understand where your data is living, how your users interact with it, and where and how it’s walking out the door of your organisation. You’ll also be able to get an understanding of how users behave both on and off the corporate network. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to gaining a general baseline understanding of your organisation.

Benefits Of A User Threat Assessment?
Naked Insider provides organisations with the visibility and insights they need to understand how users interact with company assets fully. Without this assessment, you are flying blind.

With the right visibility, you can then make the right informed decisions.

Now, with the User Threat Assessment, you can harness these insights in a limited 30-day deployment and get one report assessing your organisation and its most significant risks.

How Does It work?
A lightweight agent will be installed on nominated systems and will deliver actionable visibility in days.

The lightweight collector has virtually no impact on system performance and collects only 3-4 MB of data per day, with little network impact. This means that employee productivity will not be impacted at all.

User Threat Assessments that deliver the most insightful results, typically include the largest possible assessment group. We recommend that this assessment group be a cross-sample representation of the organisation to get the most accurate results and value.

1.       First Hour – Agents installed on your network or cloud
2.       First Day - The platform starts detecting high-risk user activity.
3.       Two Weeks - The platform gets better at identifying anomalies as it learns your user baselines.
4.       User Threat Assessment - Expert analysts analyse your data as it is collected.

At the end of the assessment, we will generate a report to summarize and prioritise your organisation's findings.

What Will I Receive?
At the end of your User Threat Assessment, we will present a User Threat Assessment Report detailing findings, including:

A summary of each key finding by risky activity

  *   Details about the number of users engaging in each risky activity
  *   Threat severity ratings
  *   Details about the user population included in the User Threat Assessment

A User Threat Assessment Investigation Journal is available for an additional fee. This includes expert analysis and relevant activities, users, and machine names for high-risk user threat findings discovered in the assessment.

A User Threat Assessment can also show you whether your organisation is meeting or falling short of regulatory compliance.

Your Privacy
Visibility doesn’t come at the expense of privacy!

  *   There are no screenshots, no videos, and no keylogging! No invasive information that could breach employee privacy regulations.
  *   What’s more, the information collected is in the form of metadata. This metadata can go through an optional anonymisation process to strip out all identifying user information. As a result, privacy-compliant, even under some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, is assured

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