Protecting Your Business From

Insider Threats

In Seven Effective Steps

A book that every enterprise needs to help them mitigate insider threats effectively. This book is divided into seven essential areas that will help you identify the essential elements and activities you need to develop and implement with your business.

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What's Inside:

Damage and the risk of harm from trusted insiders is undoubtedly not a new phenomenon. Both malicious or unintentional insider threats have caused damage and sorrow.

 This book will detail how you can develop the right strategy to effectively detect, prevent, deter, and respond to insider threats.

 This Book Will Show You How To:

  • Identify the most effective activities and processes to effectively address insider threats
  • Identify areas of organisation vulnerabilities to insider threats and the necessary actions you need to consider to successfully mitigate such risks.
  • Identify your insider threat posture maturity.
  • A simple approach to developing best practices to detect, prevent, deter and respond to threats from within.
  • Help management gain insight, awareness and find effective ways that they can engage
  • Helps executives become familiar in the understanding of the risk of insider threats


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“Mr Fischer has spent a lot of time reviewing much of the peer-reviewed empirical research, well documented case studies, and collected best practices for preventing, detecting and responding to threats from trusted insiders. This is an important consideration when reading any ‘How-To Book’”

Michael C. Theis
Special Agent in Charge (retired), CISSP
Assistant Director for Research and Senior Member of the Technical Staff
CERT Insider Threat Center
Software Engineering Institute (an FFRDC)
Carnegie Mellon University

“Overall, this is a useful book that I am going to be keeping on my bookshelf and recommending to others. The book took me about four hours to read from cover to cover.

Mr Fischer's writing style is engaging, his case-studies are relevant and the design of the book is both well-thought out and easy to use.

This is a terrific book on what could have been a dry and unappealing topic.”


Craig J. Brain
Security Risk manager at Penten