We Prevent Your High-Value Assets From Being Harmed By Your Trusted People


Want To Build An Insider Threat Program, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

Find Out Now In This Methodical And Easy To Follow Guide - “How To Develop An Insider Risk Mitigation Program In 7 Steps"

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Are Your Trusted People Exposing Your Business To Harm?

A detailed look at the risk that your insiders are presenting your organisation right now.

Identify what's really happening in your organisation with a comprehensive and confidential User Threat Assessment

User Threat Assessment

How Well Prepared Are You To Prevent, Detect And Respond To Insider Threats Against Your Critical Assets?

We help you to effectively identify vulnerabilities within your critical assets to gain a better understanding of your insider threat risk.

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Has COVID-19 Pandemic Increased The Risk Of Harm On Your Critical Assets By Your Insiders?

How badly has COVID affected your insider risk posture for your organisation?
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Books And Articles

Check out these free resources to get you started

Insider Threat Mitigation Guidelines Tools and Resources

A comprehensive guide to have by your side that introduces you to more authority sources of information such insider threat books, training and certification programs, best practices frameworks, industry standards, effective mitigation tool matrix and much more.

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Developing An Insider Risk Mitigation Program

This is your #1 strategy document that you can proactively utilize to build your mitigation program against the risk from within.

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How To Protect Your Business From Insider Threats

Description: A book that every enterprise needs to help them mitigate insider threats effectively. This book is divided into seven essential areas that will help you identify the essential elements and activities you need to develop and implement with your business.

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